5 Reasons Phone Landlines aren’t as Useful

Phone Landline

Are you wondering whether you should finally ditch your landline phone? It ought to come as no surprise to you that the vast majority of people have already done so. You’re a bit of an outlier if you even still have a landline phone. Here are the 5 most telling reasons why having such a phone isn’t a good idea.

1. The Tech Just Isn’t as Good

The main reason to ditch your landline in favor of a cell phone is the simple lack of modern tech. Time has marched on and left the days of Ma Bell behind. Landline phones, no matter how up-to-date they were in 1990, just aren’t up to the standards of a modern VIP VOIP system. If you run a business, you can’t rely on this old-fashioned method.

2. You Have to Keep Changing Your Number

How many times in your life did you need to change your phone number? It usually came about every time that you moved. When you did so, you were in a new area code. This meant that your phone number had to alter to accommodate your move. As a result, you now had to clue everyone in about the number change.

If you only had a small circle of friends, this wouldn’t be such a big deal. You would tell your parents, kids, best friends, and that would be it. But when you were a business owner, this posed a whole other issue. You had to issue tons of official notices to every one of your partners, clients, and customers.

3. You Can’t Tell Who is Calling You

One of the chief features that no one misses about landline phones is the air of mystery that surrounds every call. It’s true that, even on a cell phone, you can still get a call from an unlisted number. But, in most such cases, this is the tell-tale sign of a robocall. Once you see it, you can choose to ignore it until it stops ringing.

In the old days of landline phones, this simply was not the case. You were always in the dark concerning who may be on the other end. These were the salad days of prank calls. You and your family may be in the midst of dinner when a phone call from a heavy breather could happen. You had no way to stop it.

4. There Are Easier Ways to Reach Someone

Another crucial factor to keep in mind is that there are so many easier ways to reach someone. In the old days, you could call someone up on a landline phone. If they didn’t answer, you could go to their home to see if they were okay. If this wasn’t feasible, you would just have to wait until they called you back.

This is never necessary for the modern age. Today, if they don’t answer a cell call, you can text them. If they don’t answer that, you can email them. You can even try to raise them on a Skype or Zoom call. There are so many easier ways to reach someone that trying to get them to answer a landline phone is just silly.

5. More People Like to Text Than Talk

Perhaps the last thing you should take away from this article is the fact that more people like to text than talk. Talking on the phone can be very irritating. You may only have a few short things to say. You may only have a very limited time in which to say these things.

But what if someone wants to make small talk or has 1,000 unrelated things they want to share? What if you just flat out hate the tone of their voice? There are many reasons why you may prefer to make your point and go.

Cell Phones Are the Modern Norm

Cell phones are the modern way of communicating. They are so useful that you don’t have to use them to talk directly to someone. Landlines belong in the past because they just can’t compete with all of this new convenience.