7 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Many factors lead to car accidents. Some accidents occur because of reckless behavior and impairment, while others get into accidents when it’s no fault of their own. The worst-case scenario in any accident is death. But some incur an injury. These injuries vary in severity and should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Regardless, the imminent life-threatening danger posed by car accidents is clear. 

Car accidents occur frequently. So, in the unlikely event that you get involved in one causing injury, you may need to engage a competent car accident lawyer to help you with legal proceedings ensuing the accident. That said, there are common injuries associated with car accident incidents. It pays to know them if you’re the first reporter on the scene of an accident. Below is a list of these most common car injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) 

This type of injury can significantly affect your way of life after the accident. In some cases where the brain suffered much damage upon collision, it may alter the brain function. There’s a possibility that you may never fully recover from traumatic brain injuries and may have to live with them for the rest of your life. Every year, many people die from TBI, and those who survive have to live with disability forever. 


In an accident, your head may hit certain parts of the car, causing a concussion. People report experiencing a headache from an accident that may recur even after the accident. Also, victims experience loss of memory and a general feeling of discomfort. Even so, it’s crucial for those who suffer from concussions to seek help from the doctor immediately. The brain is a delicate organ. So, don’t ignore a headache because something serious might have gone wrong.

Broken Bones 

It is a very common injury. Upon impact, your body jerks back and forth, causing your body to collide with the car’s frame. The faster the car’s speed, the greater the chances of suffering a broken bone injury. Bones break because of the pressure exerted on them on impact. Every part in your body – the legs, hands, ribs, arms, and wrists – can all suffer fractures or break in an accident. 

Although broken bones are rarely life-threatening, severe cases can lead to complications that may result in amputation. Broken bones can usually heal over time with a cast, but some may require surgery. Eventually, most people recover from bone injuries if treatments go as planned. 


Upon collision, leaks in the gas pipe system can set the car ablaze. Victims can get seriously burned if they’re not rescued in time soon after a car crash. Sometimes, because of incapacitation, people cannot exit the car themselves. Worse off, there’s a chance that the victim may even be burnt to death if they can’t escape the fire on time. That said, severe or high degree burns may require surgery. Visit a doctor promptly to aid recovery.

Back and Spine Injury 

The spine is a crucial part of the body. But remember, our backs and the spine aren’t designed to sustain heavy impact. 

The most common spinal injury is a herniated disk, a deformed disk. This disk is supposed to be a shock absorber, but even it can only absorb so much. So in a car accident, if the magnitude of impact is significant enough, you may get injured. In worst cases, injuries can be fatal or may lead to complete paralysis. 

When your spinal cord is out of whack, you may experience problems with breathing, coordination, and even general health due to impaired nerve function. Therefore, get checked by the doctor as soon as possible if you suspect any back injuries. Thankfully, some back and spinal injuries are curable. But recovery periods are generally long.

Internal Bleeding 

In high-speed collisions, your internal organs may get injured and start bleeding. Especially those organs that aren’t covered by the rib cage. Your internal organs are delicate, so internal bleeding is possible. Victims should receive prompt treatment because internal bleeding can be fatal if left untreated. 


The impact of an accident may cause sudden movements that cause muscle strain. These muscle strains can be painful. However, whiplash injury is rarely life-threatening. Victims usually recover within a few weeks. A common sign of whiplash is neck discomfort. You may also experience headaches. Nonetheless, if you feel any pain, visit the doctor immediately to get help.


After experiencing a car accident, visit a doctor immediately. Some injuries are more obvious than others, while others are more serious. Every case will be different. So, don’t speculate about car accident injuries because you can never be sure. Also, when driving, always be vigilant. A little bit of vigilance can save your life on the road.