Ten Latest SEO Tools That Can Boost Your Marketing Game To Another Level

SEO Tools

The main idea behind a business is to market your product to the customer and ensure that they buy it. Although the process didn’t take too much space, it is not as simple as it looks. Marketing a product contains several variables, and you must adopt many ingenious methods to outwit your competitor. Formerly when the Internet was not a thing or at least not as developed as today, marketing only focused on printed and television material. With the advent of the arguably the best technology of today, the Internet, we have taken big leaps towards easy marketing. We now have websites, social media, and many other digital avenues of getting in touch with the customers to inspire them about the product. However, with ease also comes competition, and that is what makes it challenging to outsmart the competitor in reaching the customers.

We all use the search engine at least once every day to look up for stuff we do not know about at that moment. Now, the business owners saw this opportunity and tried working on the methods to appear top on the search results. They developed a new approach that they call Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in which they employ various techniques to improve their rank in the search results. Now those who even remotely understand how a search engine works know that this is not an easy task, as you are up against the biggest fishes in the market. However, it would also be wrong to say that it is entirely impossible to reach the top. Instead, many people adopt many creative ways to achieve this complicated yet straightforward goal. Through this article, we are shedding light on some of the best tools and methods to improve your search engine rank and get your product more traffic from the customers.

#1. FAQ markup

As the top is the most contested place and usually very difficult to get, many businesses target the Faq Schema Markup to achieve their goals. Yeah, you would naturally ask what that is; it is a small list of FAQs related to the product that appears just below the top result. On click, any of these FAQs answers featured from any of the websites which answer that FAQ. People usually vote for the best solution, and that is what the SEO target, but only if they follow Google’s guidelines. Google says you can have the FAQpage only if it answers all the questions thoroughly. Web developers can quickly implement such pages through a developing language called JavaScript and scripting technique they call JSON-LD.

#2. Ubersuggest

SEO is an ocean of knowledge, and the deeper you go, the more you find about making your website more marketable on the Internet. With more insight, you can easily make informed decisions about the site, and Ubersuggest does somewhat similar to you. It tells you how you can make your site more SEO-friendly. Ubersuggest is an all-in-one; it not only looks at your competitors and your pages but also gives you better suggestions about keywords, contents, and backlink ideas. Using it is quite simple as you run a search for your website, familiarize yourself and follow all the steps that the website suggests you.

#3. AuthoritySpy

The name is quite catchy, and it precisely does what the title says; it spies for you on people who have the best blogs and websites in your niche. There is no easy way to break into the massive collection of sites, so you must search for people who are best at what you are trying to accomplish. That way, you can not only analyze them but also look for the possibility of collaborating in the future to improve your ranking. To save your time, you might want to rely on a tool like Authority spy instead of manually searching for people, which might even take days.

#4. Buzzstream

Today, professionals pursue link building, considering it the most important aspects of SEO that search engines leverage to rank the pages on the Internet. The idea is quite simple; the higher number of links that lead to your website, the better will be your prospects. Link building also links different pages within your site, making it much easier to navigate between them. Doing so helps potential customers attain all the information about the product quite quickly, which facilitates their buying process. Buzzstream is one such tool that makes it all so simple and automatic, which makes you a spammer. Spamming is something the search engines detest as they look for genuine links, so that is another plus point of using this feature.

#5. Ahrefs

Keywords play a crucial role in SEO, and knowing the perfect ones could make your SEO much more manageable. According to a study, keyword analysis improves the productivity and efficiency of the website immensely. Many sites target frequently searched keywords and accommodate them into their website’s metadata in such a way that the search engine picks them quickly. But the question that arises is, what are these frequently searched keywords? No need to sweat as Ahrefs has got you covered as it will suggest you the best possible ones. Ahrefs does much more than that, but keywords are among their best features.

#6. Woorank

It’s always a great idea to see how your marketing is working for you. Sometimes you want to compare your marketing technique with that of your competitors so you could quickly improve things. Wooranks will analyze all your keywords and pages and suggest to you all that you need to do. It can also point out many duplications, downtime, and other security issues on the website, which will help you immensely.

#7. Google Trends

You must have wondered with all the SEO tools targeting search engines, mainly Google, how can Google be left behind? Well, it isn’t, but Google trends are among the most underutilized tools that give you great insight into various keywords and trending topics. You can easily search for keyword data country-wise and see which ones are the next best keywords. Researchers believe that Google Trend is the next source of Big Data that will help people immensely with their marketing research.

#8. SEOQuake

SEOQuake is another brilliant addition to the list of these excellent SEO tools we are discussing today. It works as an extension in the browser and can perform on-page site audits, work on all the links you are using, and gives you a comparison with your competitors. A keyword analysis is another such feature which you can find on a user-friendly dashboard.

#9. Siteliner

Sometimes you would want to find duplicate content on your website, so Google doesn’t penalize you for it, and here is where Siteliner comes to your rescue. Duplicate content is something you copied from other websites and is a kind of plagiarism that no search engine would appreciate. This tool also helps you find broken links, the number of internal links per page, and much more analytical data.

#10. CORA

Sometimes the fundamental analysis doesn’t cut it, and in a cutthroat competition, you would want to look much deeper into your website to find the shortcomings. CORA helps you with advanced analysis of your website that many other tools cannot match. The SEO audit performed by CORA is as comprehensive as it can get, giving you a much more detailed picture. Most of the medium to large-sized businesses love using CORA as it gives them the edge over their competitors.


In SEO, you have a plethora of possibilities that you can leverage to improve your site’s performance. Businesses depend on the information that SEO tools provide so that they can do something different from their competitors. These small things play a massive role in wooing the customers to your product. There are hundreds of tools available online with overlapping capabilities, but only a few of them might help you with your unique business. With these tools, we can easily predict that your business will burgeon very soon.