Is Email Marketing Dead? Here Is The Answer

Is Email Marketing Dead

At some point, you might wonder if the process of email marketing is dead. Here is some information on whether it’s dead or not.

Email Marketing Statistics

The email marketing definition is sending commercial messages to a group of people with the intent to promote something. Email marketing became a huge part of business processes in 1978 when a marketing manager sent 400 emails to recipients and generated $13 million in sales.

Its use has skyrocketed ever since. Currently, more than 3.9 billion email users exist, and email marketing has a return ratio of 1:42. In other words, a business can expect to see a $42 return for every dollar spent on email marketing, according to Oberlo and Shane Barker.

Is Email Marketing Dead? The Recipient’s View

From the average recipient’s perspective, email marketing may be dying. Users often receive so many spam emails that they enable filters and blocks that sometimes cause crucial emails to get lost in the mix.

Fewer people read all of their emails than perhaps five years ago. However, 99 percent of users still check their inboxes daily. Thus, the main goal for the sender should be to ensure that all the emails get to the inboxes.

Businesses might find email marketing much more challenging now that the market is so saturated and recipients are becoming fed up with spam. However, email marketing still carries a certain level of potential.

A business that uses good strategies can still get through to its prospects and clients. A good strategy is necessary, however. It won’t work without staying mindful of the emails and partaking in practices that make them better for the sender and the recipient.

How to Improve Email Practices?

A mindful business must use certain practices to ensure that its email marketing efforts stay above the water. These are some tips for improving email practices:

Personalize the Emails

One of the most effective practices to get emails into inboxes is to personalize every one of them. Recipients want to feel unique and not as if they’re receiving bulk messages sent to thousands of people. Something as simple as using someone’s name can help give that person a feeling that they aren’t just numbers.

Send Useful Information

Sending useful information is another plus. For example, you can save your efforts for when it’s time to tell your clients of an upcoming sale or an available promotional discount. They’ll be likely to accept and respond to those types of messages.

Use a CMS

Finally, you might want to consider using a content management system to control and manage the content you send out to recipients. A CMS can help you to create fantastic messages that will compel and interest your prospects. You might see some amazing results by using this advanced tool.

You can use the above information to decide whether it’s worth it to launch an email marketing campaign or if you need to consider other methods of getting your message across. The choice is yours.