6 French Beauty Tips You’ll Love

French Beauty Tips

French women are some of the most stylish in the world. Take a seat in a pavement café in Paris. Watch the Parisian ladies walk past and marvel at their chic style. You won’t see them wearing athleisurewear! No, French women are always immaculately turned out in gorgeous outfits with their hair and makeup perfect.

All this chicness might look effortless but in reality, a lot of work goes into looking this good. French women don’t roll out of bed in the morning and pull on the first items of clothing they see. They take a lot of care in their appearance and place a high priority on their clothing, hair, and makeup. Read on for some expert tips given to us by stylish French women.

Au Naturel 

Less is more when it comes to beauty and fashion. French women don’t spend hours getting ready. They always look good, but they prefer a more natural look. Not for them the horrors of hair straighteners and contouring makeup. No, they are more likely to let their hair dry naturally in the fresh air and go for a minimal makeup routine.

Clean hair, artfully tousled in the breeze, with a dash of red lipstick and some eyeliner is all you need to achieve the beauty standard of a French lady. However, you must prepare your canvas correctly!

Use Micellar Water

The natural look won’t work if your skin is in poor condition. French women spend time and effort looking after their complexion. However, they don’t necessarily splash out on expensive branded beauty products. They are more likely to have a simple routine, such as using micellar water to wash their face followed by some moisturizer.

Read this article to find out the many micellar water benefits and see why you need to introduce it into your beauty routine.

Have a Weekly Facial

While French women are not slaves to their beauty treatments, they often like to have a weekly facial to ensure their face remains line-free and fresh as a daisy. French ladies believe it is important to devote some time to self-care. You can learn from this. Beauty should always be something that gives you pleasure. After all, if you look good, you generally feel good.

Once a week, make time for a face mask. Prepare your own from natural ingredients, such as honey, avocado, aloe vera gel. Apply a face mask and chill for 20 minutes. Your face will thank you.

Always Wear Fragrance

France is famous for its many famous perfumes, from Chanel No.5 to Lancome’s La Vie est Belle and Miss Dior.

One thing French women are famous for is their perfume. A French woman never leaves the house without a spritz of her favorite perfume. It would be like leaving home minus her shoes.

Find your signature scent and stick to it. Spritz your clothes and always carry a handkerchief doused in scent in your purse, so everywhere you go, a cloud of perfume follows.

Use What’s Around You

French women often pick up bargains from Parisian drugstores, but you can just as easily make use of what’s available in your home already. Be as thrifty as a French lady and look for ingredients you can use in your kitchen. Aloe plants are a great place to start, as Aloe Vera gel is ideal for skincare.

No Need to Suffer for Beauty

Whereas American women love to push themselves to their limits in the gym, French women are far more circumspect. They do just enough to stay in shape, but no more. For them, diet and exercise are a practical necessity, not a torture regime.

Finally, if you want to be like a French woman, live your best life at all times!