Emerging Technology Trends of 2021

Emerging Technology Trends of 2020

The latest emerging technology trends will disrupt businesses in the next 12 to 20 months. The evolution of technology has grown from basic to complex and growing with needs. Technology is now advancing at a rapid pace and it enables faster change and progress exponentially. Even the best Software Development companies are stepping onto the latest trends and adopting the latest technologies for their development works to stand strong in the market.

Transformational change in technology impacts our lives. With the latest technological advancement, you can incorporate it into your businesses. Let us have a look at the emerging technologies.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence in recent years received a lot of speculation. AI has become a trend and impacted how we live, and work. In recent years AI has developed mimic intelligence and performs tasks such as recognition of images speech or pattern, and decision making. Compare to human-AI has capable of doing these tasks faster and in a more accurate manner. AI services used in Apps navigation, streaming services, Smartphone personal assistants, home personal assistance, home devices, and ride-sharing apps. In research, experts say AI will eliminate 73 million more jobs in the US by 2030.

  • Machine Learning

Machine Learning programmed to discover patterns and insights from the data. The subset of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning. The Domain of Machine Learning includes neural networks, NLP, and deep learning. Machine learning is majorly deployed in many industries and it also creates the demand for skilled professionals. By 2022, machine learning is expected to grow by $8.81 billion. On LinkedIn, machine learning jobs are on the top rank.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation is the technology that automate jobs. RPA is used in automating business processes that are interpreting applications and dealing with data. RPA can automate up to 45% of activities that include the work of financial managers, doctors, and CEOs.

According to the Forrester research, RPA will automate 230 million livelihoods and more knowledge workers approximately 9% of the global workforce. According to McKinsey 5% of occupation totally and 60% can be partially automated.

  • Edge Computing

Edge computing helps in building high-frequency trading algorithms for the financial sectors. It provides data-driven services to the customers with speed. The organization takes advantage of Edge Computing in security. Edge computing is very less expensive and it also allows companies to expand their computing capacity through the edge data center and IoT devices.

By 2022 edge computing will increase the uses of IoT devices. The expected market of edge computing will be $6.72 billion by 2022.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain development in the insurance industry helps insurance companies to share information that indicates reinsurance risk. Blockchain platform allows real-time permission sharing, replacing paper-based legacy systems. Blockchain is committed to creat digital assets of anything of value.

Nowadays Blockchain is playing an important role in several industries like Governance, agriculture, finance, healthcare, energy, climate, and environment. As per Techcrunch.com blockchain is the second-fastest growing in the jobs category. There are 14 job openings for a single blockchain developer.

How Voice Technology is reshaping businesses?

Voice assistants have created big jumps over the past few years and are inspected as valuable, it was once a technology used only by venturing tech admirers have now become a recognized stream.

As future marketing will be mostly based on voice-based technologies, hence many Software Development firms have started to focus on voice technology as well.

Many of the people who will ultimately use voice technology at their work are already using it every day at home. The result is the voice assistants that you are sociable with today. Amazon ‘s Alexa, Google has Google Assistant, Apple has Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana are the real-time examples.

Voice technologies didn’t require urbanity to be acquired on a large scale. As a result, businesses that wanted to tackle the power of digital technologies didn’t literally need to take them into deliberation.

Here are the few reasons behind voice technology’s usefulness to reshape businesses.

  • Voice tech and AI are good mates

These two are easy to assimilate and so can create effective results. It’s AI that makes voice tech as impactful as it recently is. The voice recognition software is solely part of the equation and the real viability here lies in the fact that AI can understand what you are speaking. Machine learning is relentless to improve; we will see voice tech flattering even more useful.

  • Transform the future of advertising for businesses

The voice-enabled advertising prediction is especially interesting; business owners would be elegant to start inspecting a voice-enabled advertising technique now. When consumers can communicate with ads via their voices, a completely new medium of advertising interaction opens up for forward-thinking brands.

  • Modified the searching on the Internet

Voice search may initially seem to have created SEO harder and with the absorption of natural language and contestation searches. On the upside, although, natural language can work in your approval as a local business.

Utilize local references and phrases also drop some questions that people would typically ask, and it’s easier to rank locally.

  • Digital payment is relatively changing 

While many companies are struggling with the notion of whether or not to accept cryptocurrency payments, the real volatile payments trend in 2019 will be voice-enabled payments. With increasing demand, now is the time to initiate work on your upgraded payments strategy using voice technology.

  • Voice technology impacting digital marketing

Voice assistants are already being used to provide education kinds of stuff to the students. This encourages voice-first education which is likely to create its way to content marketing as businesses realize the possibility of providing blog posts and articles via voice-enabled devices.

The digital marketing future predicts the desired method of content delivery is to the ears and not to the eyes. Industries are already managing their software teams to develop like Alexa skills for the basic question and answer interactions.

Voice technology becomes, even more, strengthen, there is sure to be increasing interest in digital assistants offering voice-based content marketing posts. If your brand wants to maximize on voice-based content marketing, it’s time to initiate counting a future where a huge portion of your digital marketing efforts is audio-based.


Technologies helping businesses in many ways real-time opportunities to capture the required information. Technology automating various business repetitive processes and it’s also providing cyber-secure ecosystems. According to the PwC artificial intelligence will contribute over $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. On the other hand, the voice-based technologies are playing their crucial part in marketing field and smooth assistance to the customers.