Email Marketing Overview: Top 5 Stats That’ll Transform Your Marketing Strategy for 2022

Email Marketing Overview

Email marketing is the best viable marketing solution considering the current Covid-19 pandemic situation. But did you know most digital marketers put a lot of emphasis on webinars, video campaigns and other new age experiences rather than focussing on email marketing alone.

But good old email marketing should not be forgotten, especially if it brings in potentially 40 times the revenue. According to a research report by Litmus, for every $1 spent on email marketing, $42 revenue is generated. So not only is email marketing giving you a handsome return on investment, but customers too favor this type of marketing since it’s non-invasive.

Here are some key stats which can help you formulate a better marketing strategy for 2022:


There are more than 4 billion email addresses in the entire world. But you might not sell your products to the world as a whole, so what’s the use of this stat for you? Let me tell you. These 4 billion users present you with a unique opportunity. You can effectively cross-market your products since most of these users might have some distant friend, uncle, relative, or others who stay in your geographic area and then they might spread your company’s cause by word of mouth marketing. If you make your email content interesting enough, even the local media might pick it up. So this is how the 4 billion email users can help you further your goals.

Mobile Optimizations:

The Covid-19 may have us confined to our homes, but the one thing which has not changed is the consumer habits. According to various market research, email optimization for mobile devices remains an area that some companies lack. According to a survey by Hubspot, 1 in 5 emails are not optimized for mobile devices. So in case your company too is not optimizing the emails for mobile devices, then you stand to lose a lot of potential customers. This is because younger audiences like the Genz and millennials prefer to read information and content on mobile devices first and then go on reading about it on the web. You should try to make your outreach as wide as possible and optimize your emails.

Open Rate:

You might make the perfect email campaign, but if consumers do not open that, what good will it do. According to a research report published by Constant contact, the open rate is 19.8 percent, and the click-through rate is 11.4 percent. This means you have less than a 20 percent chance of getting your emails read by customers. So use this in your favor by making your email unique since you will only get one shot at this. Hence make no mistake of sending out an afterthought email. Carefully design each email campaign and then send them out. Also, do not rely solely on the email campaign to further your outreach, for the click-through rate is just 11.4 percent. 

Social Media Vs Email Marketing:

According to a survey by Litmus, four in five email marketers said that they would rather give up social media marketing than email marketing. This is because of the fact that social media outreach is a lot more difficult than email marketing. You also need a higher budget for social media marketing than email marketing. This is because, in social media marketing, the campaigns are published by the respective social media house, who in turn will want a greater fee. Email marketing campaigns involve just the public relations firm and your company since publishing an email is free. 


Emails are an essential aspect in the world of marketing. Seventy-eight percent of marketers said that they saw an increase in engagement rate when they switched to active email marketing. So when they could achieve a higher engagement rate, you could too. If you write meaningful and engaging enough content, it will surely be picked up by your customers. Also, remember that the emails are evergreen, meaning that they stay in people’s inboxes until deleted. So write something which stays relevant at least for a month so that the email retains its importance. For example- you can try to send information in your mail like in the next few weeks we will start our mega fashion sale, etc. Things which will stay relevant for some time. 


Email marketing is a type of marketing which will be extremely slow, but once it picks up traction, the email campaigns can reward you. So skillfully deploy the resources and create some meaningful and engaging content and remember to optimize them for mobile too.