Ten Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media in Society

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media in Society

Every person nowadays is computer savvy. Social media has affected our lives tremendously. Where there are numerous advantages, there are also countless disadvantages.

On the one hand, social media helps an individual to connect with the outside world, whereas the culture being promoted on social media is harmful to their health.

Advantages of social media

There are many advantages to using social media for both individuals and businesses.

#1. A way to preserve lives

There’re ways people spread awareness and help motivate people. Numerous individuals on social media seek consolation from people around.

#2. An implausible tool to stretch the extent of your business

Every business needs to know what customers think, feedback, etc. To have real-time stats of customers, social media is an incredible mechanism. You can apprehend how people are reacting to products in mere hours.

#3. Numerous benefits for students and teachers

The educational system gained a new pace – students use social media, follow professionals to increase knowledge and get assistance in homework. Teachers, on the other hand, use social media platforms to get help in preparing presentations and assignments.

#4. Latest deals and announcements

Every business takes deals, marketing campaigns, and online promo codes to social media. The reason is, customers follow online platforms. By publishing their coupons on social media; people convert into potential customers.

#5. Connecting with everyone

With social media; connecting and communicating with folks who are thousands of miles is equal to talking to a neighbour. Social media platforms compressed the world.

#6. A perfect platform for businesses

Whether a new start-up or an existing business; social media platforms serve all. They connect well with customers, collect feedback, complaints and valuable opinions, which is essential for business.

#7. Social Media promotes compassion

People who are old, shy, or disable consider the world has left them. They believe themselves to be useless. Social media platforms eradicate these thoughts – people listen to them, and they feel alive and useful.

#8. Encourages noble causes

Every day we see people and celebrities taking their objectives to social media and requesting people to take part in it. For example, people donating money, food, clothes, etc.

#9. A plethora of information

Social media isn’t just connecting people and providing communication. No. It offers massive amounts of news and other information. For instance, we came to know about the wildfire in Amazonian forests through the Facebook platform.

#10. Employment portal for jobless people

The world is digitizing continuously; employers have taken vacancies to social media platforms such as LinkedIn, etc. Both employers and employees communicate swiftly.

Disadvantages of Social Media

As there are advantages; there’re disadvantages of social media. It has a considerable impact on lives, and if we use it unlimited; chances are it’ll affect us adversely.

#1. Compromising the lives of many

People who’re active such as journalists, politicians, forces personnel, etc. are on stake than us. They’ve to be responsive at all time; their life is not private; thus, a soft target for militants and insurrectionaries.

#2. Hacking of information

Sharing of personal information such as pictures, etc. will not benefit the people in your friend list, but it helps hackers to use information against you. Information theft is increasing daily.

#3. Health issues and sleep deprivation

With excessive use of social media, users neglect everything, including health. Physical activities are essential – extreme social media users are sleep deprivation patient.

#4. Addiction to social media

Excess of everything is terrible – and the same is with social media. You’ll gain nothing with the excessive use of it.

#5. Delusion is a product of social media use

When we sit in a room, in front of a monitor screen, like posts of people who are going out and enjoying their life; we get the wrong idea that our lives are useless. This leads towards depressions and anxiety.

#6. Cyber-bullying is a crime

It is easiest to bully someone through social media. With one fake profile set up, anyone can bully someone they do not like.

#7. High risk of negative feedback

There is simply no restriction on posts of social media. You can share pictures, etc.– people will always have something negative to say. These negative comments impacts destroy self-confidence.

#8. Replacement of real-ones in life

People swap relationships with those who’re sitting thousands of miles away with social media platforms. It is dangerous because it has a negative influence on relationships.

#9. Complete waste of time

Research has shown people spend 28% of their time on social media. 89% of people waste their time in surfing and other activities on social media.

#10. An abundance of phony news

There is no proof that information shared on social media is authentic or not. There are incidents which later on proved that the information shared was a fake one.

In a Nutshell

Social media is a world in itself – once you enter, there is no coming back. You must know how to use social media platforms for positive impact on life and control the urge to use in excessively.ntrol the urge to use in excessively.