Ways to Boost the Performance of Your PS4


Are you fascinated by video games? Is your PS4 not performing well these days? Since it’s not feasible to upgrade your PlayStation, are you looking for budget-friendly ways to speed up your PS4 to have a smooth gaming session with your friends?

Don’t worry because, my friend, you have reached the perfect destination, as we will discuss the different ways to boost the performance of your PS4 in this article.

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Clean your PS4

Do you remember when you cleaned your PS4? If you don’t remember, then without any second thoughts, start cleaning it. Many dust particles would be built inside your play station, which must be removed instantly. The dirt would be trapped inside, and the system fan would not be able to function properly because there would be heat trapped in the system from all the dust and dirt. The dirt would affect its smooth performance if you’ve been using your PS4 for a long time and haven’t ever cleaned it.

Do not dismantle and cut open your PlayStation and clean it because you probably won’t get covered under warranty if something wrong happens. You can remove the covers of your play station and clean the fan so that the dirt is removed; you can use a flashlight to check if it’s dirty. Also, to be on the safer side, it’s always best to ensure that you have backed up all your data and everything is saved properly.

Ethernet cable

We live in a world where Wi-Fi connection is everything. But not all Wi-Fi would have great speed. It won’t give you a fast internet experience all the time; there will be times when it’s lagging. You can switch to an ethernet cable so that you can get fast internet that will end up boosting the speed as well. This is more stable and faster at the same time.

Free up Disk Space

There needs to be more storage space to maintain the smooth functioning of anything. Even when we reach the information overload phase, our work keeps deteriorating. It applies to gadgets as well. The lesser the storage space available, the lesser would be the speed. Games require huge storage space; the more games you have, the more storage space will be used. Eventually, your PlayStation would end up needing to be faster.

The first thing to consider is to check your disk space. Sort the games by size so you would know which occupies the most space and the least. In this way, go through the games and then decide which games you want to keep and which you want to remove. Remember that once you delete a game, there is no turning back; if you need to play that game again, you will be back at square one – reinstalling the game. So, think before you finalize what games you should delete.

Rebuilding Database

If you face menu issues, loading time, and home screen delays, consider rebuilding your database. This does not involve deleting anything; it reorganizes your PlayStation’s system. Once your files are organized efficiently, it will boost the performance of your PlayStation. The time required for this process could vary; it could take a few minutes or go up to hours. So, ensure you are doing this when you don’t have any game plans lined up.

Ensure your PS4 is fully shut down and only proceed to rebuild. It is best to rebuild the database after every few months; this is something recommended by experts. The more times you rebuild it, the lesser would be the processing time required to finish the same.


Do you have to wait for your games to get loaded? Then SSD or a solid-state drive is your solution. It is a life changer. Note that this won’t bring any improvement in graphical performance. It will help you to save game loading time. However, these are expensive, so you could save money and get a large hard drive with more storage space or a PS5 with an inbuilt SSD. You won’t have to wait to enter the battlefield patiently.

Have a smooth gaming experience. In this post, we’ve covered ways to improve your play station’s performance without burning a hole in your wallet. Remember that the more games you have, the more space it would take up, and it would slow the performance. Keeping at least 100GB of free space is best for a smooth gaming experience. If that is not possible, ensure at least 50GB free. Also, ensure that all the systems and games are up to date.