5 Tips to Consider while Booking a Cab

Tips to Consider while Booking a Cab

Today, cab services have become a lifeline in most Indian cities and is a very convenient service for everyone. You can bid a goodbye to the long and tedious process of booking a cab for your next trip. Whether you wish to go out of town or want to hire a cab for a day, you will find a variety of cab services that can assist you. Today booking a cab, online is as simple as dialling someone’s number from your phone, and it is catching up with the older generation as well. If you are not a very tech-savvy person, you can still manage to book a cab because it’s very easy. There are thousands of apps available for you to download and book for a tax with just a simple touch. A cab should be safe, and the driver should be trustworthy to help you reach your destination. But, you must consider a few tips before you book a cab service for yourself or a friend or a family member. Since there are thousands of cab services out there, it becomes necessary to choose the right one that gives you the best service possible.

Transportation Fee

Ideally, the first tip you must consider while booking your cab is the fare they offer. You must check for the base price and also compare it with other cab services. Try to book low fare cabs but without compromising on the quality service. The prices do vary from one cab service to another, and it’s your duty to compare, research and then come to a conclusion. You must also ask for offers and discounts if you are booking the cab for one whole day. If they offer you loyalty programs, you must take it and use it to reduce your cab fee as much as possible. If a cab service is overcharging you by offering you other services like radio, music, entertainment program, you must not fall for their marketing gimmick and stick to paying a low base fare.

Background Check on the Cab Driver

Most cab services do a background check of their drivers, but you must still ask them to show you their records. If you are travelling alone or booking it for your parents, you don’t want to go with a cab driver that has had a past criminal record. You would not want your cab driver to be an alcoholic or a drug addict and involved in any other substance abuse. You want your driver to be trustworthy, reliable and experienced when it comes to driving. Checking their experience level is a must if you are hiring a cab service to go outside the city. For example, if a cab driver is not comfortable with long drives or to drive on highways, you must not hire them. A cab driver is supposed to be an expert in driving in the day or night and also being smooth on the national highways, and he should also be familiar with the roads.

Should have a Valid License

You must not forget or ignore to check for a license. Most passengers and travellers tend to not ask the driver about their license and then end up regretting their decision. Therefore, when you are looking for a cab service, you must ask the manager to show your driver’s license and also check for its validity date. While most drivers are professionals, not all care much about renewing their license very often. A license is a legal document for a person to drive a vehicle, and it should be done the right way. You must also check for the credibility of the license and make sure that is a very genuine document.

Inspect the Vehicle

A car should be well maintained and of the best quality when you hire a cab service. If you are planning to take the cab out of the city on not so smooth roads, the car should be able to do so without any hassle. You cannot just blindly trust the cab driver to do the car inspection for you. You must personally check the car before hiring it for your travels and look for any possible damage. You must check the sturdiness of the wheels, cracks on windshields, the lock system of the car and the gear, brake and clutch as well. You cannot inspect the care after you have travelled halfway only to find out that there was always an issue with the vehicle. You must ask for pollution check of the vehicle and other legal documents to ensure that the car is not stolen or doesn’t belong to anyone else but the company. So, it’s a must that you thoroughly inspect the car and then book the service.