The Importance of Tanques de Polipropileno

water tank

Global climate change has affected the availability of water. Dealing with the water scarcity on your property requires you to have water storage tanks. Unlike steel tanks, tanques de polipropileno, or plastic tanks, provide a more durable solution to water storage. Read on to discover the importance of tanques de polipropileno.

  1. Weight. Plastic tanks weigh less than steel tanks, and you do not require the help of a crane to have installed onto your property. You can move plastic tanks into position by use of hand even on hilly or rough terrain.
  2. Preparation. The surface that steel tanks require to sit on needs significant preparation before installing the tank. You need to buy expensive steel rings and build a concrete base to prevent the bottom from rusting. Plastic tanks are more labor-friendly because they can sit on any flat surface. However, you must ensure that there is no sharp object underneath. You can also position your plastic tank underground, away from sight.
  3. Variety. Plastic tanks come in a wider variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The types range from rounded to slim-lined tanks. Plastic tanks allow you to select a water storage solution that suits all your needs.
  4. Anti-rust. The most significant advantage of plastic tanks is that they do not rust. As such, you do not need to replace your tank after a short usage duration. Plastic tanks are also designed to withstand the adverse climate, making them last longer. UV-inhibitors protect them from degradation from the sun.
  5. Better for Drinking Water. Steel tanks are galvanized with zinc walls, which can affect the taste of drinking water. Some steel tanks also contain harmful levels of lead. You do not wish to take this risk when it comes to drinking water. Experts manufacture plastic tanks from food-grade safe, BPA-free polyethylene plastic. As such, they are entirely safe for storing drinking water.
  6. Strong and Durable. Although steel tanks are hardy, their parts are welded or bolted together. Side seams and weld lines can become weak over time, and you will have to replace your tank. Plastic tanks are made through a rotomoulding process, which binds plastic through speed and heat. As such, the final product is durable and less likely to fall apart.
  7. Save Money. With the global water scarcity, water no longer comes for free. Plastic water tanks can help you harvest rainwater to reduce your water bills. Water usage in your property is endless and can be costly. You can save a lot of money on water bills if you incorporate the use of rainwater. Moreover, rainwater is pure and safe for human consumption.
  8. Cost-effective. Manufacturers produce multiple plastic tanks simultaneously. This makes the cost per item very affordable. Additionally, the rotomolding process is cost-effective compared to other tank manufacturing processes. Also, there is less investment in plastic tanks since they last longer than others. As such, this reduces the cost of transportation, installation, and maintenance.

So, choose tanques de polipropileno when shopping for a water tank.