How to Build Your Business Brand Quickly in 2022

How to Build Your Business Brand Quickly

If there’s any time to start a business, 2022 is a great year to launch. While the economy might discourage someone from taking the leap, the opportunities to succeed are endless. One of the other reasons why people don’t take the leap is because of the competition. It’s easy to compare and make the assumption that there’s not enough room for your brand. Thankfully, if you strategize and diversify your efforts, you can make your business brand stand out in 2022. Consider the following options to get the ball rolling.

1. Create an Email List

Even though people spend an average of 10 seconds on a brand email, don’t miss the opportunity to gain a different connection. Provide value by offering helpful information. When you offer value that falls within the scope of your business, it’s easier to get a better open rate. In addition to providing value, do your best to strategically increase engagement. Whether you ask your listeners to fill out a survey for a special prize or send a message with their favorite product from your company, find ways to get feedback. When people provide feedback, this is a sign that they’re more invested in seeing your brand thrive.

2. Launch an Omnipresent Social Media Effort

While it might be easier to focus on one social media platform at a time, the focus is on building your business brand quickly. In order to quickly build, develop a multi-pronged approach to your social media efforts. Become omnipresent by planning and scheduling your posts on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. In many cases, you can repurpose or repost the same content across all of your platforms. By sticking to a schedule, automating your publishing efforts and becoming intentional about the time you spend on social media, you can maximize your efforts for business growth. Always secure a business profile for all of your platforms because you’ll gain access to analytics and data for future use.

3. Take Advantage of Text Messaging Services

In 2022, people won’t put their phones down. While this isn’t the greatest habit, it’s helpful for business owners who are looking to consistently promote and stay top of mind. Use easy and efficient automated text messaging in order to tell customers about upcoming sales, interesting partnerships and new products. By communicating directly to the consumer, you’ll be able to insert links and connect them with your website. This is a great call-to-action strategy that continues to be effective for many brands. Just make sure that your website and links are mobile-friendly. The goal is to make the transaction as easy and effortless as possible.

4. Secure Ad Spaces on Podcast Networks

While radio stations continue to thrive, it’s time to make room for the podcast platforms in your advertising budget. Podcasts continue to dominate as more people continue to create their own platforms to share their messages. Be sure to find podcasts that align with your personal beliefs because they can be tested in this climate. However, there’s so much room for business growth since so many listeners tune into podcasts now. Before you invest in ad space, do your research to learn how many people actually listen to that particular podcast. It’s also wise to pay attention to the target audience of that podcast. If your business provides mental health support to postpartum mothers, it’s best to find podcasts with listeners who are postpartum mothers.

5. Develop Local Partnerships

Even if your business is strictly online, you can still develop local partnerships within your community. Whether you choose to adopt a school, sponsor a children’s soccer league or develop a working relationship with your local government officials, the connections will allow you to make an impact as you increase your visibility. When you adopt a school or sponsor a children’s soccer league, you can do so with the agreement that your company name will be featured in some major way. Whether your company branding is on the soccer jerseys of the children or advertised in the PTA newsletters, these bits of promotional efforts will make a difference in the visibility your company will receive.


If you visit a grocery store, you don’t just see one brand of cookies on the shelf. In fact, you can easily find at least 20 different brands of cookies on one shelf. Keep in mind that this is only one store. If it’s possible to maintain a profitable business with limited shelf space and visibility, you can do it when you have full control over your visibility with these efforts. As long as you remain consistent and strategic, look forward to business growth in 2022.