4 Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Motorcycle

Motorcycle guide

Different motorcycles serve different purposes. Hence, if you want to buy a bike, do not rush. Carry out enough research to help you settle for the right one, especially for your first machine.

Before getting a bike, you may want to look into other features, such as color, seat cushion, footpeg position, and even seat height. However, other vital factors supersede the above. In case you overlook these factors, then you may regret your decision to buy a motorcycle later.

So, which are these essential factors to consider? Let’s discuss them below.

Your Budget

A budget is essential as it will determine whether you obtain the motorcycle. You are advised not to buy the first bike that you come across. The motorcycle industry is vibrant, and there are a variety of bikes. Hence scout the market to obtain the best price that suits your budget.

You can go to your local dealership and hassle for a good bargain. Besides, when thinking about your budget, consider the maintenance cost too.

Also, there may be a sales tax or importation charges where you have to import a bike that you love. Consider all money related expenses, and settle for a bike that you will afford.

Availability of Spare Parts

How easily available are the bike’s spare parts? A motorbike requires spare parts in the long run. Some of the components may include; brake pads, handlebars, helmets, side mirrors, an engine, or even tires. For this reason, you should consider buying motorcycle models such as dual-sport Kawasaki klr650 with readily available parts.

The accessories should be readily available from your local dealer. However, if you are a buyer from another country, consider whether the manufacturer can ship the spare parts if you need them.

Your Level of Experience

Your skills and experience may seem a trivial matter. However, several fatal accidents occur as a result of inexperience. Therefore, ensure you get appropriate training.  Also, secure affordable insurance to cater for any unforeseen costs.

You should be able to handle the bike’s performance if you are a novice. In case you have few experiences, try and avoid an engine exceeding 600cc.

Ensure the Bike Has No Lien

If you can’t afford a brand-new motorcycle and settle for a second-hand, ensure it does not have a lien. A lien is a claim against an asset used to pay a debt.

Hence, ensure the second-hand bike was not used as collateral for a debt; otherwise, it may be repossessed.

You should check the vehicle identification number of the bike. Also, confirm the license plate number against the title. Since the Vehicle identification number is located on the frame steering head, ensure the numbers are not tampered and clear.

Having a motorcycle can be a great convenience. Whether you are buying a bike for off-road or on-road use, its vital to settle for the best. Therefore, consider the long-term cost of having the bike, accessibility of spare parts, and lack of lien. For an overseas buyer, settle for a design like dual-sport Kawasaki klr650, where there is a guarantee of international shipment.