The Busy Mom’s Guide to Host a Perfect Summer Garden Party

Summer Garden Party

Spring is always known as the perfect weather to throw the backyard party, whether it is only for your family or your close friends. Nothing can be more satisfying than a cozy party after the long winter. Being a busy mom, you would always think of throwing an amazing garden party for your kid and their friends during summer. 

Tasty drinks, lawn games, and delicious food certainly contribute to a great party. We all love a garden party, and we can not wait to soak ourselves into the long-awaited sun. Here are a few tips that would help you to organize the perfect garden party. 

Check your tablespace 

A beautiful outdoor backdrop and delicious spreads of food are all you need for a perfect garden party. Make sure your tables are well decorated. You can get the trendy idea for the tables from FCI London. You can certainly take the help of flowers. You can choose from dahlias, spray roses, or any tropical flowers to decorate your flowers. 

Apart from this, you can add a few of the pebbles or marbles at the bottom of the vases. If you have, then you can also try to add on the succulents or planters along with the flowers. About the plates, you can certainly consider the melamine ones along with the cloth napkins and reusable cups. 

Make your guests comfortable

Like a good party planner, the first thing that you should focus on is to make your guests comfortable. If you are planning the party during the daytime, then make sure you arrange the shaded areas along with the sunscreen. During evening parties, you can certainly consider using bug spray and citronella candles. It is always recommended to make use of umbrellas, handheld fans, or shawls, depending upon the weather.

Focus on the seasonal food 

A perfect garden party is incomplete without good food. You can always start your garden party with fresh drinks made with seasonal fruits along with sprigs of mint. During summers, you can also try on craft beers. It is not necessary to get only expensive food on your plate. You can focus on including the local seasonal food items on the menu. 

Get the open seating 

Hosting the parties in the open areas certainly gives you a chance to dedicate the space for each activity. You can set up the cocktail area as well as the living room so that people get comfortable with each other. This would always give your guests an option to either sit or mingle under the shade. 

During the evening, you can arrange the lounge and cozy seating. If you are throwing a party in a concrete area, then make sure to get enough chairs for everyone. You can also get the small foldable tables to let people have their food. If you are arranging a party on a lawn, then you can simply lay down the blankets along with pillows. Here you can also arrange the folding table for the food buffet. 

Always have the backup plan 

Summer always brings you the beautiful sky day, but you never know when there will be a change in the climate. Hence it is always recommended to be ready with the contingency plan. We understand that you can never be prepared for the sudden rain. In that case, you can always make sure to get a lot of umbrellas as well as alternate indoor location space that can be readily available. We all know that summer storms can always get dangerous; hence make sure not to take a risk and plan your party accordingly. 

Get the right music 

Music is a must-have for the party. The important thing you would need to check here is your local sound ordinances to let you understand the energy level and volume of the music that you wish to play at the party. Make sure to choose the trending tracks and music to suit the theme of the party. 

Plan the games 

Arranging the party for kids is incomplete without the games, especially if you are arranging the one in the backyard. You can always plan to set up the hula loops or bubbles to have a little bit of fun for the elders as well. Lawn games such as bocce ball, corn hole, and croquet are perfect for these parties. Getting the sidewalk chalk will help to keep your kids busy during the party.